Hi! My name is Lauren and I have a yarn addiction! You know you have a problem when you hug your yarn order after it comes in the mail 😉

I have been crocheting off and on since I was in middle school, but I really found my love for it when I became pregnant with my first kiddo. Anastasia, my princess among princes, my crazy, goofy, strong willed child. I LOVE making things for her. She is my number one fan. Anytime I finish a project, even something as simple as a dishcloth, that girl tells me how beautiful and perfect it is and how much she absolutely loves it. Then she hugs whatever it is. ❤ ❤

Anna is now 4 years old! I have no idea where the time went!
We have two more monkeys, Timothy who is 2yrs, and Felix who is 1yr old, and two fatty cats named Archer (yes from the cartoon) and Pluto (hey it’s not just a dogs name!). One big and crazy family! Needless to say that, “The days are long, but the years are short.”, is one of the truest quotes I have ever come across.

Map of Sicily

We are a military  family, and currently live overseas in beautiful Sicily, Italy. You know, that one island that the mainland boot is kicking. It was definitely a culture shock coming here, and I was not as adaptable as I had once thought. After some challenges, a few hiccups, and two more kids later, we settled in nicely! Just in time to move again at the end of this year. Our next big adventure will be back in the U.S! Georgia, the peach state!



Taromina beach in May. Water was incredibly cold!

My goal with this blog is to grow my own brand and share bits of our chaotic life along the way. Oh! I am going to turn 30 next year! Stayed turned for one of those ridiculous milestone photo shoots with lots of wine and cake because I fully intend to do one.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure!