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I’m here

It has definitely been a while since I have had the motivation to update the blog. I struggle with postpartum depression and with our large move back to the states, I did not find a primary care doctor to continue with my antidepressant very quickly. I told myself I would be fine and weaned myself off of what I had left.

But I wasn’t fine. I can be a bear without it. During this time I was very up and down, and just trying to tackle every day as it came. I took a crochet break or only focused on projects close to me. But I am responsible for 3 tiny humans and 3 fur-babies, and I had tricked myself into thinking that I didn’t need this medication. No matter what I was cooking up in my head and convincing myself of, I needed to be able to function, so I did the hard thing and forced myself to find a local doctor to resume treatment. If you are going through something similar, please reach out to those close to you and find the strength to seek a medical professional. Medication may not be your answer, but there is also counseling and other avenues. The hardest part is just reaching out.

Phew! I normally do not like to write about myself this way (and it is definitely paraphrased) but it was important to me to explain my absence from this blog and social media. That being all being said, I have a few patterns in the works that will be published in the next few weeks. I am also running a sale in my Etsy shop on my ready-to ship items! I’ve decided that Etsy is not the place for me or the direction that I would like to go. It was a short lived shop, but this way I can focus better on creating, designing, and getting patterns actually written up and posted!


I am currently getting my crochet mojo back by working on the absolutely GORGEOUS Cosmic Cal by Helen Shrimpton, the super talented designer behind Mandala Madness, over at Crystals and Crochet. I am not quite through part 1 yet, but I am smitten with this pattern so far! The yarn I am using is from Dreamers Yarn which you can find on Facebook and Etsy. Auctions on yarn cakes are held weekly on their Fb page! Great way to snag some amazing colorways at a lower price.

❤ Lauren


4 thoughts on “I’m here

  1. You have so much responsibility on your shoulders! I started my anti depressants because of hot flashes from Tamoxifen. Did not know I needed them. What a difference! I no longer wanted to kill my husband for breathing. I will never go off.


  2. I don’t know you well but I am SO PROUD OF YOU. Not only for reaching out to professionals when you realized you needed the help, but for making this post. The stigmata around mental health is insane and we really need more people to be open and honest about it. I have been really depressed with the struggles with our daughter and having to leave Italy and having a really hard time pulling myself out of it. I’ve always struggled with depression and it’s so hard to even get out of bed sometimes! Maybe once we get settled I can go on my own mental health journey too ☺ keep on keeping on!


    1. Thank you! I’ve never done a post like this one before and felt really vulnerable by it. It has definitely helped how mental health has come more into the spotlight. We are not alone! Raising tiny humans is hard enough without a history of depression before hand. Stay strong mama ❤️


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